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ZW7 - Premium Smooth Ride Suspension

Discussion in 'OEM' started by Denali n DOO, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Denali n DOO

    Denali n DOO Silver Supporter

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    Does anybody know what exactly is rpo code ZW7 - Premium smooth ride suspension? Is there something special about the shocks? I tried googling and found information on nivomat shock, not sure that applies here. I also have G67 - load leveling suspension.

    I recently put Monroe Sensa Trac shocks in and don't really care for them. Should I be ordering OEM shocks from the dealer to get my factory ride back?
  2. Blckshdw

    Blckshdw Moderator

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    I've heard a lot of people like to get Bilsteins from ShockWarehouse (when they are in stock)
  3. littleblazer

    littleblazer Gold Supporter

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    I have the smooth ride in my tb as well and the bilsteins make it ride more like an escalade of the same era. Stiff but not painful. A bit more sporty if you will.
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  4. 07Denali

    07Denali Well-Known Member

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    I went with the HD Bilsteins on all four and love the feeling not as soft as factory but more sport feeling for sure. I tow a 5000lbs trailer too so they help with that also.
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