XUV Rear Bumper Removal


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Jun 15, 2013
I pulled the rear bumper cover today to remove my hitch, so I thought I would show some of the differences from other posts on rear cover removal.

There are the 5 top bolts that you can see at the top of the cover. Then there are two screws in each fender well. These are shown below with the black arrows. If you have mudflaps as I do, there are two extra screws per side for the flaps. There is a push pin too, but it doesn't need to be removed.

There is one clip on each side of the cover that clips to the bottom black inner bumper plastic piece. Then there are 3 clips on each side of the hitch that attach to the same black bumper piece. You can see 3 of the rear clips below and oneside clip in the picture above.

Once the clips and screws metioned are removed or released the cover can be pulled off to the rear. This will expose the black plastic inner bumper shown below. There are 4 nuts holding this piece on. See the white arrows. Once the nuts are removed the inner bumper can be pulled off exposing the hitch.

The picture below shows the driver side rear guide in silver at the top of the pic. The bumper cover sits on top of this along the top edge.

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