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Ok, so i have an 03 trailblazer and it was running fine, then one day i got in it to go to work and it started right up like normal but wouldnt shift from park so i turned it off and the key wouldnt come out...the next day after a few beers and investigation, i have found that it wont shift from park, key is stuck on, dash lights are out, blinkers/hazards dont work, headlights and all running lights work fine, break lights come on when pressed but no clicking by the shifter, took a test light and checked every fuse in both fuse boxes and none are blown. so I'm at a stand still, any information would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance.


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There are three possible problems in this scenario:

(1) Automatic Transmission Shift-Lock Solenoid is Inoperative.
(2) Brake light Switch is Inoperative and NOT detecting The Brake Pressure even with Brake Lights coming the BLS is a Multi-Functional Gizmo...
(3) Both 1 and 2... I would suggest starting with #2 it is a readily accessible part and the easiest of the possible solutions to start with...

Although this video covers another GM Vehicle... this type of switch is ubiquitous throughout a wide array of GM Vehicles these instructions are going to be right on the mark for what you will encounter laying on your back on the floorboard of your 2003 TrailBlazer. And while it might seem like a Snake Pit under there...there is only one way to take the old switch out and only one way to put the new switch in...just remember this... make sure you actually hear that damned locking clip SNAP distinctively in place... No matter how tired or frustrated you get trying to get it locked in... Just keep at it and when the Magic Sound of it snapping into the right position can celebrate when you climb out and stretch back into being normal before you attach the Negative Ground Cable back on the battery and try to start the SUV and move the Shift handle out of the Park position:


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It sounds silly but try and spray a little graphite in there.


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Ignition switch, an issue with the battery terminals not being more than hand tight or the grounds need to be cleaned.

Check those first, cause they're free and then try a new ignition switch.

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