NEED HELP Why do I need a position mark to Strut?

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Mar 9, 2023
Hello everyone.
I am now assembling a new strut.
I purchased a set of upper mount and insulator, shock, coil spring, SMAXX spacer, and set up a completely new strut.
The old strut is currently on the car. Currently, it is not touched at all.
Looking at various instructions, it is instructed to mark the spring end position (rough country, SMAXX, Bilstein, BDS described in ORTB).

In addition, when I read the GMTN thread, I also saw that it was marked with a tie wrap so that the back and the front could be distinguished.

Now, as far as I can see, I copied and assembled old ones.
But I don't understand the important part.
Why do you need a mark?
The GM TB manual has a STRUT decomposition and assembly section, but there is no instruction to mark it.
The upper mount and the shock bottom are circular and can be used anywhere.
Is it important that the thick part of the insulator comes under the stud bolt?
Also, what is important for the back and the front?
Does the end of the "upper side of the coil spring" need to be facing either the body or the outside?
thank you.
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