Who has onboard air?

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I'm wanting to an onboard air system on my envoy. I picked up a 13 gallon tank from a 110 setup which compressor had gone bad. Tank seems to be rated at 150psi which is plenty. I plan on mounting that behind the rear seat and enclosing it with the wrap around console and sub box I'm building. I've been contemplating how I should do the compressor. I can either get multiple 12v compressors like are used on air ride setups(I'm going to put a male quick connect plug on it with a shutoff valve so if the tank ever gets completely empty, I can hook it up to my home compressor to fast fill,the plan is just to have the compressors to keep the pressure up). The most common use is going to be for the train horns but I also am planning on running air hose out the front and rear with quick connects in the bumpers for attaching a hose to inflate tires, run air tools if needed, etc. I did a similar setup on my old f150 but with a 200psi 3 gallon setup and liked it but want more capacity out of this one(hence the 13 gallon tank). My other option from the electric compressors is an engine driven compressor sourced from a york ac compressor. This setup is common among off-roaders, but I just want input if anyone has done anything similar on our platform. Any suggestions are welcome.


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12V compressors will struggle to keep that tank filled with anything but intermittent use. The York AC Compressor would be a fantastic option and I actually started down this road until I had to relocate for work and shed a whole pile of projects including OBA. The engine driven air compressor will keep up, easily. A good friend set up a full-size chevy with tricked out OBA including York A/C compressor converted for air and a custom rear air-ride he fabbed himself including auto-leveling valve out of a semi. It worked amazingly well and allowed him to dump the bags to make loading his motorcycle easier (and show off, of course). 13 Gallon is a good tank size. 150 p.s.i. is average but won't give you much "head space" for air tools. The compressor will be on more than it is off - but an engine driven compressor will not care. You definitely want to include an in line air dryer, passive or in front of the radiator would be great. I'll be following to see how you solve the York Compressor mounting problem. If I had a way to mount the York compressor, I'd mount my tank in the spare tire space, since I dumped my spare a year ago.

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