Upper Ball Joints and Control Arms replaced flipped/reversed


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Dec 6, 2011
Just replaced my upper ball joints and flipped/reversed new upper control arms. Amazing how different the front end feels already. Now time for an alignment. Control arms were making horrible noise when rotating up and down. New ones, quiet as can be. Used a 21MM wrench and one wack with a BFH and was able to loosen all four control arm bolts.
Now I don't consider myself a mechanic by all means but can turn a wrench and read all the helpful forums here. All in all, took me about 3 hours total for both sides (Stopping and Starting). As many have posted, I did have to bend the sheet metal to get the front drivers side bolt out of the control arms. You can also gain access to this bolt from the top motorside. There is no access from the top on the passenger side. Borrowed a ball joint press from a buddy that had all the right adapters. They both took some force to press out and in so a long handled wrench or a breaker bar will come in handy !! Slow going pressing them out until the "pop" and all your adapter pieces and old ball joint fall on the floor. An extra set of hands could help holding all the pieces in place until you get the clamp tight enough to hold them steady. Thanks for all your help with the "How-to's" once again !!!


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