Transmission issue?


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Jan 25, 2012
Last night was driving my trailblazer on a side street and a sound like something broke happened, pulled over to the side and realized I lost all gears. Truck will not move in park, but when in either reverse or drive gears you can push the vehicle as though in neutral. No fluid leaking etc. Had reman. tranny put in 50,000 in Nov 09- place went through I bought a 3yr unlimited mileage warranty. Called them and phone number does not work and changed name from Premier Transmission to PR Transmission. Sounds like a scam shop BUT did good on my trans when I had them rebuild it. Not sure what caused this issue or if it means my tranny is kaput but there were no indicators such as slippage or grinding before it happened? Any suggestions?:confused:


Nov 18, 2011
Do you have documentation of the warranty? I would imagine that it is held with a third party, in which case there should be somewhere to take it if the business has changed ownership and will not honor it. If it is a warranty directly between you and the shop, your best bet is to visit the shop and talk with the owner. As long as you have the required documentation, you have a leg to stand on. Check your state laws regarding this kind of issue so that you are prepared to back yourself up.

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