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Feb 28, 2012
For Sale:

Conversion to upgrade your CD-head-unit or Standard-Nav Bose Trailblazer SS (TBSS) to having a Lux-Nav and Lux-Audio (previously only found in '02-04 Trailblazers). This will also work in any '05-09 Trailblazer with the 'premium Bose' audio system, if you'd like to upgrade to both a Navigation-unit AND LUXURY Audio!

I was the first and believe I still am the only TBSS owner to have converted the non-lux (aka "premium" Bose audio) to the "luxury" Bose audio found in the early-MY Trailblazers. Upon successfully doing so, I snuggled away another "kit" in the offchance that something went wrong or I needed a spare component. Well, after 6 years of flawless performance I can honestly say that this is a solid and robust upgrade, worthy for anyone that is wanting to keep the factory appearance but significantly upgrade the audio-quality from their TBSS. And as a result, I'm selling this 'spare' kit.

Here's what is included:
- TBSS Luxury Navigation Unit - UNLOCKED, VIN-Cleared and ready for install. Like-new condition, no scratches, no wear marks.
- Luxury Bose Amplifier - Used, but tested and confirmed to work perfectly. (I have both an '02 TB-LT and an '06 TBSS with this lux system, so it was easy to 'test' this Amp.)
- GM-OEM Navigation Map Disc - In the event that the buyer is upgrading to a Navigation system over their factory CD-headunit.
- A NEW 6-pin connector & TPA needed for the install - This critical connector to perform this swap is NOT available through GM / not available at the dealer! EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to find!
- GM OEM terminals - To use with the new 6-pin connector.
- Wiring / Pinout instructions for how to rewire the connectors at the AMP location.

What do you need to do? Some DIY pinout changes from the premium-Amp's 2-connectors to the lux-Amp's 3-connectors. Then, swap head-units and swap Amps. Done. The new Nav is already VIN-cleared. IF YOU ARE NOT A DIY'er THEN PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A PLUG-AND-PLAY. PINOUT SWAPS AT THE CONNECTORS ARE REQUIRED.

$750 plus shipping, check or MO. Paypal +3%. Local pickup in SE Michigan is welcome. I'll even show you / let you listen to my lux-audio in my TBSS !

Upgrading from a CD-headunit? Skip upgrading to a standard (premium) Nav-unit for $500-600, plus $75 for the dealer to unlock, plus $50-100 for a Nav-disc, plus the VSS/antenna, etc. etc... Why not also enjoy much better sound?

Already have an OEM Nav in your TBSS? After selling your factory Navigation head-unit, this upgrade will have cost you only ~$150-200....very little when you weigh this against the costs of doing an upgraded aftermarket system.

** Notes:
- Optional to install is the speed-compensating volume microphone. It is not included in this "kit" but it is extremely inexpensive at your local dealer, and I have provided its P/N should you wish to install it also.
- Non-NAV vehicles may need to purchase a VSS wire / Nav-antenna - having never done an upgrade from a non-NAV system I do not know what else you might need.
- Premium and Luxury audio Trailblazers used the SAME Bose speakers, so there is NO CHANGE to your existing factory speakers. You will, however, be amazed with how much better they can sound!!

PM me if interested!


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Jan 21, 2012
St. Petersburg, Florida
mkengineer said:
NEW 6-pin connector - This critical connector to perform this swap is NOT available through GM / not available at the dealer! EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to find!

Mouser Electronics has EVERY Delphi connector that we have on our trucks. I'm using them for a how-to I'm writing and constructing.

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