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May 29, 2013
My 2008 Trailblazer LT is in need of a new rearend. It has a 6 cyl engine with the small 8.0 rear sporting 3.42 gears. I got a awsome deal on a very low mile Trailblazer SS rear. Yes, I know it has 4.10's and I am replacing the front diff as well. My question is in regards to the rear drive shaft. The 6 cyl and 8 cyl driveshafts are different lengths because of the transmission locations and 2WD 4/AWD configs. I know swapping a 8.6 rear for a trailblazer SS can be done just using the SS drive shaft or replacing the u-joint with napa #447 and using the regular TB drive shaft.
I am not sure but I think the 8.0 rear is 2 inches shorter at the yoke thus needing the stock driveshaft shortened 2 inches when used with a 8.6/9.5 rear. Is this accurate?
The proper programming will be done to the ECM and the 4WD unit will be replaced with a AWD unit from a TB SS.

To my understanding 6 cyl Saabs may have been equiped with the 8.6 rear. If this is true I could use this driveshaft?

Tks for any input

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Not sure if anyone cares LOL
Yes a trailblazer SS rear can be successfully installed into a 6 cyl equipped trailblazer with 8.0 rear end. After using the search function on rear axle swaps I found many off-roader's swapping out there 8.0 rear for factory 8.6 with no issues. It was plug and play (unless you try putting and older rear in a newer model) A new rear can be swapped into an older model. There was a ABS change in 06+.
Thee only thing needed to complete the swap was the napa 447 uv joint.
If your swapping a 9.5 rear into a truck with a 5.3 engine replacing the 8.6 rear you have two choices
Use your stock drive shaft with nap 447 joint or use a trailblazer SS drive shaft
(The SS drive shaft will only work with V8 equipped trucks it will not work with a I6 truck)

I hope this info is usefull to someone.

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