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Feb 24, 2012
Hi all,

Two years ago my brother and I bought our own tire machine and balancer. We started a faux business on facebook, like us at Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More

If you are in eastern MA and want to save some money on new tires, we mount and balance. We can help you pick out new tires, usually from TireRack or Discount Tire Direct. We can pick them up at a nearby BJ's wholesale too. Have them shipped to my house. We have a lot of experience in tires and will take the extra time for precision balancing.

Typically $10 per tire for mounting and balancing. No disposal fees here!

This is something my brother and I do out of my home garage on the side. It is not a 'real' business. We do this because we enjoy it, and can't stand to see how much the tire chains overcharge and upsell on unknowing innocents. If you have a real problem we will let you know!

Quick history - My brother worked at NTB for 20+ years on the weekends, and once his new job required more traveling he had to quit NTB. But we know how much they want to upsell everything, and despise it. They don't make their money on the tire sale, it's the upselling once you are in the shop! If you want someone who will use a torque wrench on your lug nuts, won't break your center caps slamming them back on to rush the next job in, understands that new tires will need to be rebalanced after a few hundred miles, or just a snow tire swap, come see us! If you aren't on Facebook just PM me here.


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