Tips & Tricks for the R&R of the 2WD 4L60E in Full Size Trucks


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Yeah... I know..."If You've Seen One...You've Seen them ALL.." What Nonsense...

In this pair of Videos... Eric O" from SMA (South Main Auto) performs an R&R of a 4L60E Transmission appropriate for 2WD Full Size Trucks... But the Owners of 4WD would be Mistaken to just 'Shine this One on...". Here are some of the important Highlights worth watching:

(1) While performing a Job that would ordinarily only take him no more than a single day to complete, Eric "O" begins to get ill, succumbing to the fatigue and to the Fits and Starts from NOT having all of the Final Components necessary for the work. It is important to make Complete Comparisons not only between the OBVIOUS similarities when observing any In-Dwelling Busted 4L60E and a Re-Manufactured Unit replacing it..but also for every single Threaded Hole in the Casement to ensure that you have the right size and quantity of Fasteners and Correct Transmission Cooler Line Fittings on hand to cover BOTH possible Styles of the Jiffy Fittings.

(2) By the Second Day... Eric "O" is beginning to feel the serious impediments caused by his coming down with the FLU. You can hear an uncustomary agitation in his wan voice. As the job wears on... he becomes Febrile (feverish) and Weak; such to the extent that by the end of the Second Day... he can hardly lift up the "Y" Pipe and keep his mind on the act of trying to snake it back into place. These Videos may be 3 Years Old... But these are frightening times NOW for anyone who MUST go to work or risk losing their jobs from becoming infected with COVID-19... and is a Warning for staying alert to the physical condition and behaviors of Co-Workers who may be sick during the coming FLU Season and to Mask Up, Glove Up and STAY AWAY from them whenever such is possible.

(3) Eric "O" positions the Camera in a PERFECT manner for us to observe the entire R&R of the Transmission Bell Housing and Sub-Attachment Fasteners. He uses a 3' Long 3/8" Drive Extension and 13mm & 15mm Impact Grade Swivel Sockets and later on he also uses a 3' Long 1/2" Extension and replacement Swivel Sockets as well, This is a Tool recently made valuable to us all when @m.mcmillen showed us where to purchase one for not too much money.

(4) Eric "O" Demonstrates the use of the Lisle Transmission Cooler Lines Jiffy Fastener Removal Tool that @Mooseman and @Mounce recently discussed over in the Tool Talk Thread while showing us the Two Different versions of this Tool.

(5) Eric "O" Shows what the upper portions of the 4L60E looks like when well lit up and viewed while peering right over the upper back section of the Case. That same view will be very difficult to achieve when laying on the ground under your Truck. Take note of how often he uses the Transmission Jack to deliberately Raise and Lower the 4L60E depending upon the position of certain Components that need to be Removed and Replaced in close proximity to the 4L60E Unit.

(6) Observe how Eric "O" does NOT immediately re-install the Transmission Cooler Lines into the New Jiffy Fittings. Rather he waits until he has pre-positioned the Transmission Dip Stick Tube loosely into place. just before mating the Transmission Bell Housing against the Back of the Engine Block, re-installing the Three Torque Converter Bolst and re-installing the Starter..

(7) Eric "O" Rapidly Itemizes and inserts ALL of the Electrical Harness Connections and the Park Neutral Switch Hardware and Connectors in a non-destructive manner.

Chevy / GMC 2WD Truck Transmission Replacement - Part I

Chevy / GMC 2WD Truck Transmission Replacement - Part II

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