Time for a new starter


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Aug 27, 2012
The starter on my 06 is starting to give up. When I start in the am and drive to work, let it sit, then come home its fine no problems at all.

When I do at lot of short start and stops like on the weekend, it turns slowly. I also can hear the Bendix bounce off the ring gear. It's also the only time that the truck does not start when you just hit tap the ignition. (it cranks a few times then stops, I have to hold the ignition)

Has any one had any luck with a Remy starter from Advanced? I can get a new one with a lifetime warranty for $86.

Like my parents old TB my problems seem to have started at 60K, I'm hoping this just it's being cranky, the AC condenser appears to be leaking also, both within 2 weeks of each other.


Nov 18, 2011
Reports of starter replacements in the I6s are few and far between. I've read more reports of corroded contacts then actual failure. You might be the first using the remy....let us know how it works for ya!


Mar 19, 2012
yeah the starters don't usually go often on our trucks. i had the original starter and only replaced it recently because i had the motor rebuilt. Replaced it with a Bosch. I've heard pretty good things about Remy though. GL

David B.

Dec 5, 2011
I could use some advice! I couldn't start the TB today, well- better put I turned the key and it didn't even crank, nothing. I tapped on the solenoid with a broom handle, and it fired right up. I am guessing it's the solenoid or the contacts, since once the starter got juice it worked great. Is there a way to replace just the solenoid, or am I better off replacing the whole unit? I find myself out in the middle of nowhere with no cell service quite frequently, so I suppose a little extra money for peace of mind wouldn't kill me, but I'm open for suggestions- and THANKS!

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