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Dec 4, 2011
If you are OCD like me and want to have every little crevice, opening, and loose end sealed tight from wind and dirt, then this should be the thread that everyone comes to. I did the vinyl tubing weatherstripping mod, with mixed results. The doors fit snug, but for someone who thinks a car is a person and chooses to close the doors lightly or softly, winds up having to open it just to slam it again because it won't close all the way on its own without a little force. I believe I used 3/8" vinyl tubing, instead of the smaller 1/4". The rear liftgate no longer rattles and fits on night and snug. The 3/8" tubing was WAY too much for the lift glass though. This requires lots of effort and having to push down near the locking mechanism while slamming it in order for it to close. OH yeah, and every couple months, it works itself loose and pops itself open while I'm driving. I don't recommend putting any tubing through this, or even if you do, go as small as possible. I very well might have used 1/4" tubing in that one too.

So if you are like me, and hate all that dirt buildup when you open up your liftgate and liftglass, I have always had the intention for putting together some sort of custom weather stripping to fix this issue. The 3rd brake light does not fit snug with the black plastic piece, so airflow is directed in there. Looking at the top of the truck, you can see gaping holes and spaces where there is no sealing at all. Also, the sides of the plastic molding from halfway up the liftgate to the roof are not sealed very well, and just have those rubber pieces that look to be riveted on.

^Those are my eventual projects, but the one I want to do ASAP, is that my fog lights rattle at highway speed because they flex in their holders. I want to make some sort of rubber seal that goes around the outside of the fog light and doesn't allow air to pass through the space around the fog lights, causing the housing to flutter at highway speeds. Plus, it would create a snug fit so the fog lights stay firmly in place. Anyone got any ideas for this mod in what type of materials to use to make a rubber seal around the fog lights?

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