The BEST Diagnostician - Scan Tools Podcast EVER!


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Oct 22, 2015
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If you are serious about solving problems and aspire to being an Automotive Diagnostician versus a "Parts Changer" and want to know and learn as much relevant information as possible... Your particular Gurus Of Choice will probably be:

Eric The Car Guy
Eric "O" from SMA (South Main Auto)
Paul "Scanner" Danner
"Crazy Ivan" from PHAD (Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics)
Keith DeFazio (New Level Automotive)
...and of course... some particular Members at GMT Nation

Recently, after he moved from NYC down to North Carolina, Keith had Ivan stop by for a 2+ Hour Pod-Cast at his Home covering everything related to these interwoven topics of Early and Late Model Auto Diagnostics and their choices of Scan Tools with an EXCELLENT Q&A Session that is worth watching and Downloading for future reference.

These Guys are Inspiring, Informative, Interesting and FUNNY as they play off of each other about the only subject matter...that REALLY Matters... "How Do I Fix Cars...?". After getting their perspectives on where things are headed in the Automotive Industry and what kind Knowledge and Special Equipment it takes to solve problems, I think you'll enjoy following them BOTH by researching their YouTube Channels for More Videos, More Training and More Problem Solving Detective Work leading them to success:

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