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Jan 10, 2012
Ok there has to be someone at one time got a sunroof put into a used car. Should i go with the full tilt on a track or just one that pops in and out like a t-top. And what kind of prices would it cost.

Thanks guys and gals


Jan 4, 2012
I was thinking at one point about getting a webasto put on mine. the one i wanted was like a double sized one. the guy's estimate was about 1450 or so, and i think it had the option to auto-close when the ignition turned off. i forget what his guarantee was, so if it leaked it would be covered. but my thoughts was if it leaked it was already too late and i would have a potential mess on my hand. and im just not willing to take that gamble and have a wet interior. prices probably vary by geographic region (im guessing) and im sure by quality of shop. but i got estimates from like 800 for a regular plain jane model all the way up to the 1450 model i mentioned earlier. so i have since scratched that off my mod list. hope that helps, food for thought.....


Dec 4, 2011
I once bought a nice used car and it took a while to realize that the sliding sun roof wasn't oem. I didn't even realize way back then they could put them in to look just like oem. Never had any issue with it or leaks. It had that auto close function when the ignition was shut off and I hated it. You had to double click the close button or the tilt button or something to keep it open when you shut it off.


Dec 2, 2011
Coworker had one put in her 05 Equinox. Think she paid 950-1000. Doesn't quite look OEM. Instead of a carpeted cover (that slides over the glass) she just has a cover that pulls over it (like those covers you put on car windows for kids - that pull out of the roll).


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Dec 3, 2011
Brighton, CO
I have a ASC Sunroof installed in my Aztek, was installed at the dealer when bought new. It leaks, and has caused headliner sag. If it wasn't installed by the factory, I don't recommend it. The aftermarkets drain tubes get clogged constantly. If a motor, lift actuator, or some other part of a factory unit goes bad, you can go to the junkyard, and buy the whole roof, or just the part, and you are done. Aftermarket, well, you first have to see if the sunroof company is still in business, and if they still make parts for your old unit (after 2 years, most companies stop carrying parts, to get you to buy a new one)..

Basically, I have had a aftermarket model installed in 3 of the cars I have owned throughout my driving lifetime, and all of them were a nightmare that I had to buy clear silicone, and just completely seal off. My ASC in my Aztek still works, but leaks, and has other issues. I want to seal it off completely, but my wife likes it.. GRR!

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