Stage 3 cam in a 5.3L Envoy


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Dec 1, 2019
N of Baton Rouge, La.
I bought 1 of these cams a year or more ago and after hearing this Im glad I didnt install it....Sounds a little rough for a highway cruiser that mine is intended to be...



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Jul 22, 2015
The embed / link doesn't seem to be working. But, yeah... a stage 3 cam is generally really lope-y, and will definitely have a choppy idle. You might not notice it at highway speeds, but you can definitely say goodbye to a smooth idle.

Depending on how the cam is constructed, it may favor high RPM horsepower at the expense of some low end torque, as well. The manufacturer should be able to show the power curve.
Also, believe it or not, there are actually cam grinds that are engineered to *emphasize* 'chop', even at the expense of drivability / power. But some people *want* 'maximum chop', above all else. Go figure...

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