[SOLD] parts for a GMC pickup years 1973-1987.

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Dec 28, 2011
Ok I have a parts for a GMC pickup years 1973-1987.
Any of this is OBO. IF you want it name your price.
Most of this is wrapped and ready to ship. I will gladly ship on your dime.

Hood 100$ Hinges are 25$ together.
Fenders both sides 50$ a piece
Bed splash shields 25$
Tailgate 250$
Doors both sides 100$ a piece
I also have the old doors that were took off. Whoever buys the new doors can have the old doors.
If not 50$ for both doors.

Firewall 100$

Frame coated with POR15, 2 inch suspension lift (Rough Country)
I do have the cab though it is in some rough rough shape.
If you buy the frame you can have the cab.
The cab is 100$ or whoever picks it up.
Frame has brake lines, fuel tank still attached.

I have patch panels for every part of the cab.

Transfer Case and Manual Transmission These are mated.
(Can anyone help with me with what they exactly are.)

I can get the block. I believe it is a 4 bolt main.
Just need to get what is owed on it 500$

Short bed sand blasted and primed.
It is not in ideal condition. It does need some work.

I have two turbos. I have no paperwork. I just know they are new and have essential parts and pipes.
I am thinking 250$ a piece.

I have a K&N filter for a 350 motor. It has the chrome intake covers are well.

I have 2 diamond plated bed rail covers. I am not sure on length. I know they will fit on a short bed truck.

I have two heads for a 350 motor. They are rebuilt painted chevy orange.
They have roller rocker arms.

I have newly chrome plated pulleys and valve covers, timing plate cover etc..
I just want what I had to pay for the chrome plating .

Chrome plated alternator not sure on the amps.

I have lights for every part of the truck. Name the light I have it.
These vary from 10-25$

Weather stripping for every part of the truck.
100$ for it all.

I have a bench seat with warmers for it.
It is covered with a cowboy leather. Really Really nice seat.
Just need to get what is owned on it

I will make someone a package deal for this.
I will even deliver the parts to you if you buy this as a package for free.

Restored trucks like this are going for 10,000$ so 2500$ delivered. for the entire package minus the motor and seat.

If you need anything for those year models let me know. I will probably have it.
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