"Service engine soon" issue on 14hr drive...


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Nov 29, 2012
So approximately 9 hours into my 14 Hour Dr. from North Carolina to Michigan, My service engine soon light came on. Just what I wanted to see during my drive. Anyway, I stop at an auto zone on the way and have them check the codes that came up, not thinking there'd be more than a couple, … There was at least 15 different codes that came on, mostly related to the transfer case and 4WD. Unfortunately the guy that helped me not diagnose all the codes because they weren't's engine codes, instead they were vehicles specific I think.…
I have no idea what is going on. I have not used my four-wheel-drive for a few days now, and I did just get new tires. Below is a picture of the receipt that the AutoZone and I printed out for me for the codes he could diagnose, and a list of the codes that he couldn't. I had him clear all the codes and since then the light has not come back on that was almost 100 miles ago.
I do hear a slight intermittent humming noise coming from my left front tire, feels like a vibration. It's a very steady noise happening every second or so, and only happens when I'm on the highway going 60 or more. I've been told that this could be a flat spot on the tire or may be due to a balancing issue or alignment issue. The tires were just balance, and I had a mechanic drive it to see if it need an alignment, he said it did not.
To add further confusion, The left front tire is also the one I had a problem with rubbing against the inner wheel well when I first got the tires put on. The tires, wheels, wheelwells, are all the same size on both sides. But on the left front tire there is about 1 inch behind the tire and 3 inches in front of the tire, whereas on the right side there is 2 inches in front of and behind the tire
I apologize for any spelling errors or grammatical errors, I am speaking to my phone right now because I am driving
Any advice or information that anyone can give would be helpful, thank you
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Ed H

Oct 18, 2012
The noise you hear might be a wheel bearing.

You don't have a brake rubbing do you? Next time you stop the car, check to see if the rotor(s) is hot.

Do you have access to a PC, or did you want someone to send to the trouble code definitions on the list?


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Nov 29, 2012
All I have at the moment is my phone but I will be home in about two hours. If you have time to look up the codes and you want to that would be great, if not it's not a big deal I can look them up when I get home.


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Nov 19, 2011
Portland, OR
I'll check the codes in the morning, but your caster is horribly off and you need an alignment.

ADDED: The B codes all relate to the TCCM losing connectivity with the mode control switch. You sure your Service 4WD light wasn't on along with the SES?

On the noise, how many miles on the truck, and are your diff and transfer case fluids recently checked or changed if required?


Nov 20, 2011
Have you changed the tstat and/or coolant temp sensor? What temp are you running at, need to use an OBDII scanner to verify because the gauge is horribly inaccurate.


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Nov 29, 2012
have no idea what all these fluids are lol. I made it home to michigan, and it will be going to the gm dealership on wednesday i think. i appreciate all your help, will definitely let you guys know what happens :/

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