Replacing pillar post trim?


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Hey everyone! The pillar post trim for the passenger side rear door needs to be replaced, it started to slowly come off and I tried using a thin layer of weather strip adhesive which works for about a year before the same thing happens again. Last year while on the highway the adhesive failed, which caused it to start flapping against the window and caused it to mostly rip partway through. Its become a bit of an eye sore, so I'm looking to replace it (if its even possible). While searching, I came across chrome ones that fit like the factory (I'm not a huge fan of chrome), but I can't seem to find it in black at all.

I almost purchased a set, but it was vinyl but its meant to be placed over the original, which is not something I want to do. There was another vinyl set that can used in place of the actual trim, but I'm not sure how long they exactly last. Is this something that can be found/bought? Its weird every single one goes over the original, not as a "factory replacement".

If I have to go the vinyl route, what would I need to get all the old adhesive off since I'll likely do all the doors so it matches. Or take a chance and buy the stainless steel one from here and paint it black somehow.

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