Repainting a tonneau cover


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Scoring a great deal on a used ARE 1pc cover tomorrow. Only issue with it is that the owner lost the key, but I found out on my own that replacements are available from ARE. I don't even want to mention the price until it's in my hands & everything checks out - but it's something I couldn't pass up.

There's one other minor issue, which is the color. It's black--and my Sierra is pewter. Not the end of the world, certainly--but I'd like to repaint it.
Don't need a 'pro' job w/ indiscernible color blending--hell, I'd be willing to use a rattle can, if it would turn out decent, but I really don't trust myself too much with a large surface like that.

The nice thing is, if I try to do it and goof it up, it should be a minor issue to have someone with more painting experience than I do it.
So I'm going to try it.

Anyone here ever do this? If you have, I'd be interested in what worked (or didn't). The model is an LS II, and it looks to be fiberglass, not plastic. And as I write that, I realize I've never painted fiberglass before (maybe I should be looking in Vette forums? LOL)

From what I see, ARE paints them; it's not a molded-in color.

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