Remote Start Sytem, Ideas?

For those of you who have purchased and installed your own remote start Id like some ideas as far as manufacturers, who likes what and reliability. Want something easy to install with a good reputation. I can handle the install no problem, Im just not familiar with whats out there, its been a few years since I have installed one. Are there any plug and play systems for these vehicles? I dont need all the bells and whistles, just a basic push button remote start with decent range. Thanks


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I've been using Directed (viper, python, etc) since the 90s and they've always done me well. However with the 4606V that I just bought for my wifes Tahoe the instructions sucked. Word on was that DEI made install books for dealers only. Fortunately they don't change colors just pin locations so with a little research on the12volt I got it in ok.

I bought the most basic setup for the Tahoe. I didn't want to kill passlock so I got a bypass which also did the door locks (so she only needs one fob still). I went with viper 4606V and gmdlbp. $250 got me the 4606V, gmdlbp, extra remote, acc2 relay, relay harness, and quenching diode. If the unit you go with has 2 ignitions and 2 accessories you won't need a relay.


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i don't install my own. The installer I use is a higher end stereo shop and they do a lot of restorations and customs. The only brand they will sell is Autostart. I am getting my 4th one, 3rd from this vendor, tomorrow. I think it is an AS1780 which is a simple 1 way. They advised against the ones that link to your smart phone due to the service fee every month. HTH.

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