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Boricua SS

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Nov 20, 2011
Thought it would be a good idea to have a thread to share our memories and reflections about things (be it good or bad) in this past year...

so i'll start off with a little something like this... first and formost, i battled my long time nemesis.. my weight... for the first time in my life, i have gained control of my weight, and my life for that matter, and kicked its ass!!.. i have lost 120 lbs. in a little over 8 months by dieting and exercising... very hard to do...but i will not stop until i reach my goal...

probably the hardest thing i had to experience this year was the passing of my grandmother in july.. she was 97 years old and will be forever in my prayers and memories.. but with death comes life.. and another proud moment in my life this year was finding out my little brother (JosueLT) is going to be a father, making me a first time uncle... i cant explain enough of how proud i am of my little brother...

these are just a few moments in my past year that stick out.. obviously there is a lot more (Indy meet and meeting all the great midwest folks, family time spent together, friends, etc...).. but to keep this simple, i'll just leave it at that...

ohhhhhh.. i cant forget the birth of this great site and all its people that are here!! :grouphug:

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