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Oct 13, 2012
03 Trailblazer, recently reacquired after needing to utilize a different vehicle for a while. I'm gonna try to fix the issues that I've always had with it if I can, but need help identifying the key issues.

In this case, The Driver's side door is the issue. Four about five to six years now, the door has rattled independently of the vehicle, but I've never been sure of the cause. I know it at least rattles independanty becauce when driving, I can look at the rear view mirrors on the driver and passenger side door, and the driver's side door mirror shakes and quakes. Wind rushes in from the door as well, but only in excess of 30 MPH, and after a while of driving it slowly dies down sometimes, but othertimes just gets worse. By using my fingers to pull the door tight against the body near the roof, just in front of the arm hold, the wind rushing dies down a bit.

As said, this has been upwards of a six year issue. It cropped up one day randomly, and the cause has never exactly been identified (current theories are narrowed to two things: 1) When a friend opened the door in excess of swing length far to quickly and with too much force, or 2) When I was backed into in a parking lot near the driver's side light, though that never actually touched the door). In the early days, the door doing this was accompanied by having to force the door open as it would scrape along the front body over the driver's side tire, and make a loud banging pop as it bent the metal to get around it. This initially lead me to think the door somehow got mis-aligned, and I would either need to heavily re-align it or replace the door entirely, But a few years back after colliding with a deer and getting my entire front end replaced by my insurance, The popping and scraping had stopped, but the door still would rattle and shake, making me wonder if the door was still misaligned or if it was something different.

One suggestion was that the issue might be the weather stripping on the upper side of the door and door hole needing replacing, but I don't want to randomly spend money on any one thing only to have it still not work and end up being something completely different.

If anyone can help diagnose the issue so I can finally fix this (as I'm pretty sure it's also cutting into my gas-mileage by increasing drag) then I'd be ever so grateful. The only clue I have is that when I brought it in to chevy about three of four years ago to see if they could fix it, I was told it was a bodywork issue and that they could not do it. Everything else I know or have experienced I have detailed, but I will try and answer what questions I can to help further identify, going to nearly any length.

Please and thank you!

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