Question about body repair????


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Dec 3, 2011
Hi everyone ...

Well, came out of a store today to find the following damage to my truck :hissyfit::hissyfit:

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Looks like someone whacked a shopping cart into the front left quarter panel (?) a few times. As if that isn't bad enough, the drivers door now sounds like its catching towards the bottom of the door when opening/closing the door.

I know its a shot in the dark and there are a lot of variables, but has anyone ever had this damage done to their truck, and if so, do you have a ball park figure for how much it cost to fix?

Any insight/help you guys/gals could give me would be greatly appreciated it. We have a $500 deductible and if its less that $500, I'd rather not make the claim and just pay out of pocket.

Jerks didn't even leave any info on our truck either. Makes me so pi**ed.

Here are some more pics to help.

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Nov 19, 2011
Portland, OR
Any chance the store had security cameras in the parking lot?


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Dec 3, 2011
Unfortunately not where we parked :frown:


Feb 3, 2012
I wonder if that's something you could beat out?

I know it would cost me $45 for a front fender that was primed. I would just need it to be color matched painted.

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Nov 20, 2011
thats what i would look into a new or used fender, provided there isnt any structural damage where the fender mounts to (since you mentioned the bottom of the fender is catching the door when you opened it).. go to a junk yard or ebay and see if there are any used fenders, either color matched, or in primer... my brother is a body man by trade, so i'll see if he can chime in on this (he's a member on here JosueLT, but hasnt been on in awhile due to well, life lol.. new born, moving, etc...)

just go and get some estimates.. im sure someone can quote you a free one...


Aug 26, 2012
looks like the front fender

the best way is to stop by a couple body shops and get an estimate. tell them what your concerns are and they should be able to give you options.

might be able to get it fixed or put a new fender on and paint to match for less than your deductible.

for example: (quick google results) Fender+C220116&dbpcid=productads

$50 plus shipping

you can bolt on and paint it yourself or have a local shop paint, either before or after you bolt it on.

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May 22, 2012
Apparently sometimes this damage can be covered under the Stores insurance because their cart caused the damage, did you ask them to pay for damages?

" Originally Posted by GotSmart
In most cases WalMart would not be responsible, as they have multiple places for customers to put the carts. When they do not have the lot cleared, they are contributing to a hazardous situation. You could have a case. Talk to a lawyer.

Thank you all for your advised. I was contacted by Wal-Mart's insurance company and they are going to take care of the repairs to my car and give me a rental car during the time. They said that they were negligent for having the parking lot full of shopping carts and she also said they were able to confirm that on the surveillance tape. I don't know if they were able to tell who did the damaged, I'm sure they did, but they are taking care of the repairs so I guess it does not matter.

Thanks again to all for your help. "

You could contact the stores insurance company and tell them you want to put a claim in for the damages and how to go about it. Doesn't hurt to ask, others people have had damage paid for by stores insurance so why not ask.


Aug 26, 2012
Got to google, look up "Paintless Dent Repair" in your area, then go to one of those facilities to see what they'll charge to fix it. You do have a small crease on the top dent, but the other dents should pop-out without a problem. Here's a video: [video=youtube;ghb0nez42B0][/video]

Once they're all fixed, compound and buff where the crease is and it should make most of it disappear.

I had a small dent on the fender of my previous car and I tried the Dry Ice Method. For me, it did not work. I wanted to give it a shot though, just as an experiment to see what it would do.

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