Project Codename: Big Bertha


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Me and this beast have come a long way. Almost time to retire her if the repairs keep piling up too fast. Have some more, but have to resize them when I get home. I'm neither the spanish or asian males in the pictures. LOL



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in all of my infinite wisdom I am updating this as a last ditch effort to fix the truck and play with it before we either sell and or trade it in for the new duramax 2.8 canyon or collie. I will have some extra money and need to change out the manifold anyway, so may as well slap a limeswap up pipe on and cram a turbo on there if I can find a suitable used unit. If it will fit or not would be the big deal.

I will be going with the T72 or similar until I can find a better turbo map. The bot matcher app will only show me bw airwerks models. How convenient. Even though I hate PTE maybe even a PTE 6266. I need something with quick spool and in efficiency range with little heat.

This will be nothing special. It will come from the up pipe and the compressor outlet will go directly into the throttle body.There will be no intercooler as I see no need for it at the moment. The transmission is proven to handle only realistically up to 400hp without grenading. The turbo will only be pushing 4-7 psi at maximum. I am just worried about wastegate placement and oil feed line inclination and restriction(I have seen turbo 4.2s where the oil travels upwards). The system will not have a BOV attached either, because where the hell would I put and or need it at such low psi levels.

This whole shebang should net around 400hp easily without breaking the bank and spending over lets say. $1500.




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When it rains it pours. Had some issues with the truck along this journey. The power steering pump and cooler failed. One because of the other obviously! Did some upgrades and put in an aftermarket unit. Then the ball joint tore and dried out then exploded to smitherines. Once that happened, the ball joint stayed with the knuckle and had to get a new knuckle. Found out that made most of the suspension components go bad along the way so the whole front end got a new everything.

Once taking the axles out I saw the disconnect was as dry as a bone and red rust. BAD. Serviced the disconnect and then replaced the seal on both sides. NOW, just trying to find a K29 turbo as I found will be the best flow for what I am trying to achieve, still working that out. It is currently at the dealership awaiting an alignment and hoping for the best, fingers crossed!

(The top image is from an I5 how I want mine to look exactly like more or less)

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