Possessed Door locks?


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Tried searching for any info but nothing close came up. (maybe I am not using the correct syntax or string of words) But I started having a wierd issue. For no reason and at totaly random times, my power door locks will start operating on thier own. Like if someone is playing with another key fob. But while I am driving alone As if the lock button is consistantly pressed. It happens off and on for about 10 mins at a time than stops.


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The keyfob receiver is in the LGM (liftgate module) and sends a data message to the BCM to run the unlock solenoid. So the source of the bad message could be the LGM, or either of the two door modules or any remote start/security module that's hanging on the bus.

Inspect the door module switches. unplug one module at a time. Inspect the liftgate hinge area wiring under the rubber boot. Remove any aftermarket security stuff.

No need for searching if you just go back to basics - how does the system operate? What could interfere with or mimic the operation of that system?
Also what year is your vehicle? There was a recall on certain years (06-07?) for junk switches that ended up starting fires in some scenarios. Perhaps you have a switch which is biting the dust and shorting.

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