OEM Bose System Questions/Specs


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Dec 5, 2011
I'm thinking of replacing my OEM Bose speakers, and I want to make sure I get some that are compatible with the Bose amp.

Does anyone know what the specs are for the OEM Bose amp, RMS/total watts per channel etc.?

I see some specs from a corvette but don't know how much of that applies to our platform.

Some DELCO BOSE Specs...

Also, I see mention that the front door speakers are mid-bass only with tweeters in the dash. Does the Bose amp have an internal crossover, or is it handled at the speakers themselves?

From what I've read I need component speakers in front and 2-ways in back. Any thoughts on good bang for your buck speakers? :thankyou:

Black LT

Dec 4, 2011
The cross-over is done in the amp, not at the speakers.

I don't know the output of the factory amp.

I also don't recall anybody replacing just the front factory speakers (with the bose system) and liking it.

If you have a bad bose speaker get another bose speaker to replace it - and like it.
If you don't like it, it requires a total overhaul - replacement speakers and aftermarket amp.
I'm not saying that's a hard cold fact - just what's been reported (as I remember).

Most everyone would agree - components up front.
Do what you want for the back. I have 2 way, Ive heard great sounding components in the back, some people don't want anything from the back.
I'm old school - I like some good sound from the back.

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