NPG 226HD xfer case bearings/seals


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Mar 13, 2013
dropped xfer case in wifes 2006 EXT trailblazer today. opened case up, found rear tailshaft bearing loose and front driveshaft little wobbly in its bearings. clutches look very good, surprisingly. plenty of friction on the one side of each disk and the spacer plates look good yet. where, besides chevy dealer, would i be able to get bearings, seals for this NPG 226HD - or so the tag says on it. online vendors i have looked at so far, don't go into the case much, so i wonder if someone has parts out there, or if i have to go to my gm dealer? my local gm parts guys don't like me much, wanted me to bring our TB in, instead of sell me the bearings / seals for the front wheel drive disconnect i just did! i can about imagine the looks when i go in and ask for bearings inside the t-case. any chance they are regular timken bearings? probably not, huh? let me know please if anyone has ideas where i can get internals for this xfer case. thanks all!



Jan 24, 2012
I looked for a overhaul kit for our transfer case 226 and it come with all the bearings and seals but nothing else like the fork or chain. And the overhaul kit is ~$300 on Rockauto made by SKF. I guess it comes with replacement of all bearings. If you add $300 more, you can get a brand new TCase to your house from ebay. New 02 09 GM Transfer Case Trailblazer Envoy Bravada Rainier NP8 Non AWD | eBay

The 226HD on the other hand is rare at least to me since I haven't come across it at junkyards or ebay much. I don't know the difference between the nonHD and HD model is.

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