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Sorry everyone .. Need some advice for my wife's non GM minivan and since I know of many knowledgable folks here I figured it worth a shot.

2001 Ford Windstar SE
3.8 liter V6
About 168k on the clock

Getting PO302 and PO305 codes intermittently which tells be misfire in the # 2 and #5 cyl. Pull the plugs and they are oiled foiled. Clean then and replace. Can't clear the codes long enough to get it inspected cause the ECM looks for cycles and if not long enough it won't test

I am not planning on keeping the van very long. But I need it to pas emissions

I was thinking higher temp plugs as well as a thicker oil to stretch the time?

Any insight wold be helpful


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they are oil fouled due to the upper and lower plastic intake manifold gaskets are warped and cracked ... use to replace these ALL the time at the dealship it takes about 30 min of your time to do

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