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Mar 25, 2012
It's Sunday...I'm bored so I thought I'd check in on this amazing community. I have an 06 Trailblazer that we got back in 2012. Had a bit of a love/hate affair with the ol girl but she's still going. Gave her to my son when he started driving in 2018. He (with my 'expert" guidance and a fair amount of advice from the forum), has done a lot of work both repair wise and some mods---he added fog lights, upgraded the stereo and added some sub woofers along with some other things. He saved up enough for a down payment on a newer car for college so now the Trailblazer is our 'spare" vehicle until next year when son #2 starts driving it. I've been driving it to work and run errands just to keep all the parts moving. Even though I'm in a newer 4Runner now (great ride,plus we all know the new thing they call a Trailblazer is a travesty to the name...), I kinda missed driving this thing. It's got some chronic issues...squeaks and farts, noisy AC and the ever-present P0171- but I drove Blazers and the Trailblazer since 1996...kinda feels like home. Anyway....thanks to the guys on this forum for all the help over the years....will likely be back for advice before too long. I try to check in periodically to share too....I'm no expert but I've learned a few things from experience over the years. Have a great weekend.

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