No longer an all GM family


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Dec 6, 2011
Wife just put a deposit on a Hyundai Accent GLS. Looks like its a special build, some optional things at that level are standard. Only additional items on the sticker are floor mats and a cargo net. She's the one with the 20+ mile highway drive so she can make good use of the 40 MPG.

Hope it holds up better than the Toyota Tercel she used to have. That was our most troublesome car. Constant electrical problems and a spark plug that would not stay seated. Even came with a steering wheel that was 45 degrees off. Driving straight looked like you were turning left. Stealership said that's OK. So she filled out the satisfaction survey as FAIL. The next week was a phone call, "How fast can you bring the car in, we'll give you a loaner."

One person said it was probably made in the U.S. but no it was built in Japan. Funny how they shut up after I told them that.


Jan 5, 2012
they are really good cars i had an elantra in highschool and it lasted me for about 280000 miles then i sold it to my sis and she didnt maintain it the way she should have and the engine blew but she replace it and is has about(had 80000 and the replacement) 165000 on it now, and you cant beat the warranty.

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