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Hey guys,

I'm looking to buy some new tires in a month or so and I'm looking for recommendations. Currently I have 245/60 R18 Micheline Latitude Tour Tires and I love them.....but they didn't last very long and I'm not sure why and as we all know they are expensive. Are there any alternatives out there? I drive 30 miles a day, around Atlanta Georgia. The main driving conditions I see are hot dry roads and wet roads, sometimes ice and snow but that's not a concern of mine.
I drive a 07 TB LT.

Also I'm needing to get new tire sensors if anyone has recommendations on the best place to get some. I tired of seeing the light.



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Are you looking at an all terrain like tire or mostly highway? On my first Envoy we had BF Goodrich Long Trail T/A's on it, they were great for highway/city driving, snow/ice performance was "meh" but the wet traction was good. We ended up taking them off around the 20k mark because we needed something "beefier" and more rugged to survive the Chicago winters.


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I had General Grabber HTSs on my truck when I bought it. They did great for dry and wet for the first 4 years I had the truck, but this past fall before I put the snow tires on, they were getting pretty squirrelly in the wet. Unknown number of miles since they were on when I bought it and they still have a lot tread left, so I'm not sure why they seem to be so slippery. My boss won a set for his Envoy XL about 3 years ago or so and he loves them still, but he only drives it a few miles a week.

I'm looking at an AT tire that is winter rated for the next summer set so I may be able to leave them on for the first winter while the sipes are still new and sharp.

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