Need some rear end advice


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Apr 9, 2012
On my to do list is sway bar links for the rear, to correct the clattering over sharp bumps. I am experiencing a co diction where the rear end shifts sideways to the right under hard acceleration, and sideways to the left on sudden deceleration. Also, the rear end gets squirrely going over expansion joints at highway speeds, and just feels unsettled on dirt roads. Shocks have about 18k on them, tires are good, brakes are good, no other noises except for the clattering of one or both sway bar links. I want to check my facts, and heres what i have gleaned from searching:
1. Panhard bar and control arm bushings rarely go bad, and seem to be replaced as a unit, not bushings only.
2. Even if the end links are good the bar to frame bushings can make noise/cause weird handling.
3. Check all the mounts for cracked welds.

have I missed anything? I just don't have tons of time to try something, jack it up and wiggle stuff, maybe throw a part at it, repeat. Thanks in advance for the help!


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Nov 19, 2011
Portland, OR
A bad bushing wouldn't cause visible movement of the rear axle side to side, unless the person following you has very good eyes. How have you detected this movement? Another car behind you? I'd guess a broken weld or mounting bolt somewhere. Could be dangerous - drive like a granny until you figure it out.

Squirreliness can also be an alignment problem or loose front bushings or even lower control arm bracket bolts. When was your last alignment?


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Apr 9, 2012
My squirrelly detector is a highly engineered method of measurement using the combined data gathered from seat of pants and internal gyroscope. I never thought to have someone spot me, but it also doesn't feel so bad like I'm going to wreck. I did crawl under today and bang on the sway bar with my hand and I could hear a faint version of when I hit bumps. My last alignment was when I installed inner and outer tie rod ends last fall.


Apr 22, 2013
If you need to replace the links. I highly recommend the Suspension Maxx.

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