More Saab 9-7x Problems


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Jan 26, 2013
well long story short this car has been a nightmare for the most part and wish it would just run right. This is the third time i had misfires on the car and this time its on cylinder 4. Previously i had a misfire on either same cylinder or others that deactivate.(1,4,5,7). First time it happened i had the mechanic replace the one bad lifter and it worked good for about 5 to 6 months then i had another one go bad. Took the car back to mechanic and it ended up being a different cylinder this time so we decided to replace 8 lifters on the deactivating side so this wouldn't happen again at least for quite some time. Well recently now i'm getting a misfire on cylinder 4 and doing the same exact thing as previous times. My questions is there a possibility of maybe the control module that handles the DOD malfunctioning and causing certain cylinder to go collapse and not reactivate? I can't believe that all these new lifters only replace for short periods of time. I have owned the car for less then 20k miles and have had all of these problems. Sorry for the vent but just curious if anyone had any ideas if its possible something else is wrong that i'm not seeing.


Dec 4, 2011
This post just kills me. I haven't spent a single penny on my 9-7 in two years except for rear pads and rotors and $12 for a new rear emblem that was missing when I got it. Not that many of our platform got a V8. I'd scour the chevy truck sites and ask them.


Jan 26, 2012
It's not your control module, the oil is getting past your stuck oil rings and the pcv is still letting more through. You need the new rocker cover as listed in the TSBs for this model as well as a good top end cleaning and/or new rings.

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