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More Fluids and Tools at RockAuto.com!

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by RockAuto, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. RockAuto

    RockAuto Well-Known Member

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    More Fluids and Lubricants!

    RockAuto's selection of Motor Oil, Coolant/Antifreeze, Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid and other products by Aisin, Motorcraft, Beck/Arnley, Pentosin, etc. continues to expand so you have convenient access to the fluids specified for your vehicle.

    Help ensure successful repairs with Dielectric Grease, A/C Flush, Brake Lubricant, Transmission Fluid Conditioner and other new products by AGS, GPD, Four Seasons, Lucas Oil, and more.


    Find the fluid, chemical or lubricant you need under "Fluid" in the relevant category for your specific vehicle (Cooling System, Engine, Transmission-Automatic...) and under the "Tools & Universal Parts" tab.

    More Specialty Tools!

    RockAuto now has even more tools designed to assist with specific repairs. Our tools by GPD, Lisle, Performance Tool and others will get the job done correctly and can transform a knuckle-busting odyssey into an efficient, enjoyable repair.


    Find a Pitman Arm Puller, Piston Ring Installer, Flywheel Turner, Cam Pulley Holder and all the other specialty tools under "Tool" in the relevant category (Steering, Fuel & Air...) of the "Tools & Universal Parts" tab.
  2. Reprise

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    Hmm...just a thought...you know what would be nice, WRT tools.... if you had a loaner program for the people who bought things that would benefit from the 'specialty' tool(s).

    The customer would be charged the price of the tool up front, if they chose to take advantage of the program. Returns would be at customer expense for shipping (you could even build that into the order, and include a call tag for the customer.)

    Once it's returned (within a specified timeframe - ?), the customer gets a credit adjustment on their payment vehicle. If they don't, or they break the tool, etc. - then they forfeit the credit (and can keep the tool.)

    Yes, many retail stores have loaner programs, but...
    - Some folks live far from a store that loans tools
    - Where RA could differentiate themselves is the 'real' specialty stuff - the S-K type of tools that you wouldn't get at the retail shops, and very few people acquire because of the cost & the fact that they may never use it again.

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