Moonroof issue -2006 Envoy SLT -


I was driving my 2006 envoy SLT and went to open my moonroof, heard a loud popping/cracking type sound after about an inch of opening. I Stopped right away and went to close it back up which it did (or so i thought). Started raining an hour later and noticed a damp spot around one of the corners (back drivers side part of moonroof upholstery). I got out and took a look and saw one corner of the glass did not close all the way.. like a 1/2 inch or so still needed to finish the last lifting part to seal it... later on i tried slowly to open again, and after a tiny bit it stopped moving, so i closed again and left it.(with a tarp over car for now). It sounded like it came off the track or something busted along the track, but that's just my guess. Anyone ever have any similar issues or know the best approach to Solvang this? Is it easy to get into the unit and see what can be wrong? Or am I just s*** out of luck and needs to be replaced or fully dissambled in a s*itty process? Lol. Havent been able to find much online about the issue or topic (besides motors going out or seal leaks) so Any and all info and guidance is appreciated. Thx!


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My moonroof did something similar. Turned out that the glides that ride in the track near the front edge of the moonroof had broken. I don't recall exactly how the part looks, but essentially the piece that tilts the front broke away from the glide that rides in the track. I was able to remove the glass from the moonroof. With the moonroof closed, there are 4 screws you can remove from inside the vehicle. After pulling all 4 screws, the glass lifts straight up. You should now be able to see the track, the glides, and the entire front half of the moonroof open/close assembly. I "jerry rigged" mine by using decent zip ties to reattach the glides and the "fingers" that tilt the front of the moon roof. Since I never removed the open/close assembly I was able to just reinstall the glass (setting the height by hand) and I didn't have to do anything special to get it to function correctly. I rarely use it now since it is literally being held together by zip ties, but it does work. I suppose if I switched to metal zip ties I'd be able to use it more frequently with confidence. If you do get into the moonroof to try this, remember to lubricate it well.


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Its a very involved repair to get it fixed. Droping the headliner down, unplugging the electric plugs, and popping off the drains, unbolting the sunroof assembly. Putting it down on a work bench, and performing the repair, and then putting it all back together, and have the computer relearn the opening and closing..

I did it on my XUV 2 years ago.. Quite involved. Took about 4 hours. I missed 1 step, and I need to redo the disassembly, redo that step, but it works in the mean time.

Here is the repair kit.
Ebay - Trailblazer Sunroof Repair Kit


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That repair kit is from the Sunroof Doctor. I used one of their kits on an old Chevy Lumina that my daughter owned. Good products!

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