Max size wheel and tire for a 2005 gmc canyon sle 4x4 with no lift.

Hey guys. I'm interested in dressing up my canyon with some black wheels and meatier tires, but I'd prefer not to lift it if I don't have to. The unfortunate part is that with the factory 15s there is one tire and one tire only to choose from, so I am forced this direction. Does anyone have any advice for me? Much appreciated.


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Is it a z71?

I ran 31x10.5r15 Kelly TSR on factory 15 inch rims with no lift at all. Mine is z71.


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It is a Z71. I went into firestone and they told me the tires I had on there were the only one's that I could get. I'll look those up. I appreciate it. How much of an extra lift did it give you?


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Go to

That's where I've ordered all my tires, with free shipping, it's hard to beat there prices. Even up here in Canada. With the last set I bought even after paying duty and the exchange rate it was still over 800 cheaper than local. Shipped to my door already mounted and balanced.

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