Master Cylinder Holy Crap moment


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Jan 9, 2012
Was replacing the master cylinder on my '05 TB. The rear flange nut is a little awkward to get to because the reservoir is so fat, and in the process I hit the level sensor connector with the wrench and snapped it off. I finally got the whole assembly out of the vehicle and poured the remaining brake fluid out of the reservoir and was shocked at all of the crap that came floating out. The inside of the reservoir had a green scum on it and it was flaking off and who knows how much of this was pushed down into the master cylinder and beyond. After seeing that I didn't feel so bad about going back to the parts store and paying an extra $30 bucks for a master cylinder that had a new reservoir with it because I would never have put the old one back on after seeing it. I know you can supposedly clean those out but why risk leaving some little floaties in there? I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed all the junk in their brake reservoir?

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