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At Detailed Image we take pride in our relationship with many top notch detailers and are happy to share their knowledge on our Ask-A-Pro Blog. "My wash process for maintenance washings" by Eric Schuster of Envious Detailing is a brand new article that highlights a great eight step process for a simple wash that will leave your car with a great clean finish! Check out our preview below.

My wash process for maintenance washings (Preview)
Step one: Pre-rinse the car with a sharp stream of water via pressure washer or hose and nozzle. This will loosen and flush away the lighter dirt and debris from the paint, wheels, tires, glass, etc. if at this time you would like to apply shampoo to the car to start the breakdown process, use a foam gun and coat the entire car. If it’s a hot day, only coat the half of the car you will be working on first, then the second half. Don’t let the soap dry on the car.

Step two: Wash car with shampoo
Using a chenille mitt, sheepskin mitt, soft sponge, etc, begin at the top of the car and work your way around. I like to break the car into sections such as the following: 1 – half the roof, half the windshield and rear window, drivers windows front and rear, then re-soap after rinsing mitt out in water only bucket. 2 – drivers front and rear doors, rinse. 3 – half the hood and drivers fender, rinse. 4 – passenger half hood and fender, rinse. 5 – passenger half roof, windshield, rear window, front and rear side windows, rinse. 6 – passenger front and rear door, rinse. 7 – rear trunk lid and truck vertical, rinse. 8 – rear bumper, rinse. 9 – front bumper, rinse. 10 – both side skirts and behind wheels, rinse. (To continue reading, check out this article (My wash process for maintenance washings) on the Ask-A-Pro Blog)

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If you have any questions or need any recommendations please do not hesitate to ask!

Greg @ DI


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Thank you for providing this useful information! Washing in the winter is quite a challenge.

Also, the ONR is amazing stuff! This is all that I use in the summer on my dark-colored cars (Black Trailblazer, Medium Teal Camaro, and a Crystal Red Caddy) and I have never had anything but the most positive results. Contrary to what most people think, ONR does not swirl the paint and it magically evaporates dirt and grime.


Glad to hear the article and the ONR has been so helpful. I agree the ONR sounds too good to be true at first but after a few uses I was thoroughly impressed. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Greg @ DI

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