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Dec 7, 2011


Dec 4, 2011
Im actually in the process of making a write up for complete detailing you are early from the guy had no idea what he was doing when i started.

Meguiars M105 Ultra Cut is my absolute favorite love the results its super easy. All my knowledge came from AutoTopia i have been lurking for years and those guys are dumping that crap on Ferrari's and Lambos so i figured the trailblazer is worthy haha the good thing is until recently it was an Online only thing I have noticed it at local auto stores more and more. Its not cheap about $32 for the bottle but the RESULTS
Heres a shot of M105s finish
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excuse my windshield if you can see the cracks..that's why I didn't even bother it has been replaced lol
With the porter its hard to mess up paint so don't let "ULTRA CUT" scare you we could get into $500 paint thickness gauging and all that jazz but take it from me unless you have known trouble areas like clear coat peel you should have nothing to worry about I have used M105 on my old 02LT and the current SS. The stuff will finish down clean. done properly with good tequnique and attention you can get rid of almost all hazing and spiderwebs in the paint.

You should probably Clay it while you are at if you are going for "paint correction" not just a wash and wax clay removes tiny debris/defects/tar leaving the paint smooooooothhhhhh as can be. This can be skipped if it paint is already good but lets be honest these are Trailblazer they actually get used so probably worth it to clay.

For a wax I skip over wax completely if that makes sense. Depending on the paint color a "WAX" may add a lot of shine and depth. With mine I use a Polymer Sealant another pricey item but I'm still on my 1st bottle ($26) from the 1st day i bought my portercable. its unbelievably durable its seems the only real test for this stuff is HARSH winter salt or More M105.

They have a 205 but if this is your first time actually buffing I would go all m105 paint most likely needs it


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