Liftgate - handle does not work, opened manually, still no worky

Ed H

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Oct 18, 2012
The liftgate handle was acting up for several weeks. It felt like only 1 side was connected, but still opened. Today, the handle lifts up but it does not unlock. I manually opened the liftgate from the inside, but it took a LOT of doing. A total PITA.

I pulled the cover to expose the assembly and it is in bad shape. Rusty, dirty, not free-moving, and I fear pieces might be missing (I have only had the truck for 6-7 months). After spraying with WD40 and manually moving what I can, the latch handle still does not work. I can see the "lever" the handle is supposed to actuate, but it doesn't when I pull the handle. Also, the handle does not seat fully against the truck. It's like a spring is missing because I have to push it back into place. :frown:

I searched the OS (almost everything is archived with no pics), and this site to no avail. :frown:

Does someone have a schematic showing how this assembly is supposed to work? I tried to search the service manuals, but my PC is so slow I, I lost patience. A 268-page .pdf will put the hurt on my old PC.

ANY and ALL help, photos, schematics, or links are greatly appreciated! :smile:


Dec 10, 2012
I bet there are a few diagrams members can give, they just need to see this post to get them to you.

Good luck!:wink:

Ed H

Original poster
Oct 18, 2012
I fixed it. :smile:

Long story short, corrosion on the mechanism made it difficult to actuate the latch - even manually from inside the truck. It was so tight, the metal piece that "folds over" the plastic latch handle on the outside of the truck actually straightened out - no longer engaging the latch handle. I would pull the latch, but nothing would happen.

I lubed the hell out of the mechanism, bent the bracket back so it caught the latch handle again, and Boo Yah! :thumbsup:


Dec 4, 2011
Sounds like what happened to mine, except for the glass release portion (rest wasn't in too great of shape either). Glad you got it lubed back up and fixed.

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