Lift for a 2005 Canyon 4x4


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Aug 12, 2014
Hey guys. I'm interested in lifting my 05 Canyon 4x4. I was thinking a 2/2.5 inch lift, so nothing too crazy. My dilemma is I see multiple options for 5 inches or more and they're very expensive. Does anyone know where I could find a smaller lift at a reasonable price?

On a side note, what's the difference between a lift kit and a leveling kit?


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Jul 23, 2014
Crank the torsion bars. That should get you around 2inches.

But it gives a harsh ride also.

A leveling kit usually is 2-2.5 lift. It will sit even with the rear of the truck.

For 4x. It ain't worth it unless your going over 5 inches in lift. Canyon you can prolly get a 33in tire in there.


Nov 18, 2011
A lift generally is same front and rear, but a leveling kit is an offset lift sdo the front comes up more while the back goes up a bit less so the stance is level vs the typical factory rake.


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Jun 1, 2013
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