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Dec 4, 2011
I know this has been brought up before, but I was just scanning ebay and found these gems... LED technology is really jumping forward lately! These are 5mm bright-white LEDs rated at 45lm or 100,000mcd. From a quick online search, it looks like a set of 200 of these will give me 9000lm, roughly equivalent to six 55W halogens?

So my big question is -- how does the brightness in lumens translate between regular bulbs and LEDs? If the LED's really put out that much intensity, would they be suitable for offroad use, and actually be able to light up the road at a fair distance?


(In case the ebay tag doesn't work... 50p 0 5W 5 Chips 5mm White LED Lamp Light Bulb 45LM F S | eBay)


Dec 4, 2011
From researching LED lightbars I got the knowledge that the company´s use different reflectors and diffusers to get more visual light for longer distances or wider areas. So i think it is not only a question of the led bulb itself. The companies are using mostly 3 watt 5 watt or 10 watt LED (for example CREE LED´s) or combinations of that. Would you like to fabricate your own lightbar or something like that?


Dec 5, 2011
A lot will depend on your construction of reflectors to shape the direction of the light, heat sink, and whether you are doing them for distance or flood. Next will be how well you waterproof your construction. A lot more work into making than buying what you want with correct focal point. Crees are 13.5 times more output than the same SMD by itself because of the micro circuitry. COB is just coming out with improvements and will soon be a major force in lighting.

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