Amazon Product Jack Stand - Lift "Pinch-Weld" Adapter (Sold Individually)


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Oct 22, 2015
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Back in April of 2023, I purchased the 3-Ton Combo Jack-Stand- Bottle Jack Lift system for a Project I anticipated working on during some Cooler Weather... and while finally getting around to ordering it's Mate (of Late) it follows on that there is a popular prejudice for using TWO Jack Stands. So while looking into getting another one I spied THESE Nifty "Pinch-Weld" Frame Lift Adapters that I wish I had on hand, Oh... only for around the LAST 55 Years... or so!

Once Detroit started making Uni-Body Builds to save weight and allow for lighter under-framing in Passenger Vehicles.. Well ...Good Luck with trying to find "Just The Right Spot" (PUN Intended) for lifting such cars that have their Own Special Jack in the Trunk and those EZ2- Find Jacking Points around the perimeter of the Vehicles (NOT).

Anyways... These are On Sale right now... 36% OFF ... So I thought I would grab a Pair of them (NOT Sold in PAIRS) because in the same way that I do NEED the Second, Matching Lifting Bottle-Jack Stand... these look like they may come in Very handy for some other Odd Lifts Placement Points... We'll See:

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