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Feb 3, 2012
I read the thread about "How much we pay for insurance" and since I'm shopping around I thought I would come here and get a few opinions. My policy with progressive expires tomorrow. I really don't want to keep a policy with them as I feel like i'm being over charged and bent over.

I am looking for full coverage as I still owe on the truck, I want 50/100/50 with a $500 ded, towing and rental car. I was also wondering if anyone uses Liberty Mutual? Have you heard about the better car replacement plan? Your thoughts on it?

So far I have gotten quotes from 3 companies..

Currently Progressive @ $143.00 for $500.00 ded and 50/100/50 no towing/rental car
Farmers @ $140.00 for $500 ded and 50/100/50 no towing/rental car
Liberty Mutual @ $123.42 for $500 and $1,000 ded's 50/100/50 Better car Replacement and towing
Geico @ $56.42($48.00 in discounts) $500 ded 50/100/50 with towing and rental car

So far Geico is on the top of the list, but I need to call them to lock this price in. And need to make sure it's going to be worth it in coverage.

Just called Geico and it would be $83.00 a mo with 500 ded 50/100/50 towing/rental car. I and my hubby have a ticket each.


Jan 29, 2012
I have state farm Full on my 03 for $189.00 every 6 months. Have towing no rental. $500.00 de.


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Feb 3, 2012
stormsurge said:
I have state farm Full on my 03 for $189.00 every 6 months. Have towing no rental. $500.00 de.


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Dec 16, 2011
Voymom said:
Cadbury egg cupcakes :smile:



Jan 25, 2012
Voymom said:
:offtopic: I'm bringing Cadbury egg cupcakes :smile:

Can you ship, you would be my hero. I thought I found the ultimate desert when I had a Smore's made with a reese's cup. about Word of caution never give a drunk guy on the beach a marshmallow on a stick, bad things can happen.

Now back on topic.

I will never use Gieco again. I had an accident 9 years ago, and they did NOTHING to to even attempt to hear my side of the story, screwed me over on my insurance rate for a long time. They where charging me $180 a month for an 89 s-10 blazer with only Liability insurance. My insurance was over $300 for 2 years when I bought the TB.

Currently with progressive 100/300/100, $100 Collision and Comprehensive ded. rental, Gap insurance, and $1500 in custom insurance. My rate is $133 a month. I recently go my final few tickets off of my license so for the longest time I was at $185 with 50/100/50 and $500 DED.

I will recommend one thing. Use the website and get a new quote, fill it out as if you would be switching to them. When I tried this my rate dropped over $75 a month. The reason is that even though they renew every 6 months sometimes they do not look at all of the information. My credit score shot up about 100 points between the time I first got my insurance and when I tried this. I am not making guarantee's but anything is worth a try.


Dec 2, 2011
Do you have Erie Insurance around your area? We are with them here and I'm not 100% on the policy but it runs around $983 per year for my TB and her Rav4. Both of us are over 40 :frown:, I haven't had any tickets since moving to the states and she had a DWI 10+ years ago.

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