Idle is funky again


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Feb 3, 2012
I will elaborate or try to explain this the best I can.

My truck when at idle in park seems to want to stall(it has stalled before I cleaned CPAS and did engine flush) I will rev the engine up and the RPM's go from 600rpms down between 300-500rpms before the tachometer will jump up to where it's supposed to be when I rev it, usually around 2000rpms.

Now before yesterday the truck only did this in park, but yesterday when going to pick the kids up from school it did it as I was backing up out of the driveway. I hit the gas just a tad to get over a bump in the driveway and it bogged down before going the speed I needed it to.

We have done a few maintenance things to the truck, oil change to mobile 1 full synthetic and K&N oil filter. Engine flush and cleaned the CPAS after hubby lovingly put in engine restore which made the truck throw codes. We then had to replace our power steering pump, we changed the t-stat, cleaned throttle body and did spark plugs(OEM of course) and put seafoam in the gas tank. This list isn't in order on what was done first.

I don't understand why the truck is doing this. I was thinking a PCM problem? No codes are being thrown and everything seems to be hunky dory other than the reving issue.

Anyways, your advice is like always much appreciated. I will try to see if I can replicate the problem and possibly catch it on video tomorrow(hubby has it at work)


Nov 20, 2011
Tampa Bay Area, FL
And it always does it at idle, or coasting at low RPM with your foot off the gas? Fuel filter maybe? Just tossing out a guess.


Dec 14, 2011
Well let me tell you i had the exact same experience, mine even died at a couple lights, next thing i know im doin my water pump, 3 times in about 9 months, i checked the bearings on my fan clutch and that was the problem of the water pumps going and the idle up and down, after i swapped the fan clutch a week ago no more idle problems


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Feb 3, 2012
I know I have a bad fan clutch, but I'm not changing that PITA until it goes out completely lol In fact I got quite used to people walking by, hearing the rythmic ticking coming from the truck, and rushing to get away from it fearing it was about to explode :biggrin:

Also, it absolutely DOES NOT do it when I'm driving down the road or stopped at a light, it's always either in park and idle or when I first put it into gear. Once I get on the gas going down the road it stops doing it completely until I'm in park.

Hope that makes sense....

Thanks again!!!

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