Holiday 2011 Anti-Sway Bar Suspension System Intro Sale


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Dec 6, 2011
New Exclusive TBMSport-Suspension Maxx Anti-Sway Bar Suspension System

Suspension Maxx proprietary 'pre-torqued' Front & Rear Anti-Sway Bar Links with Polyurethane bushings for OEM sway bars.

TBSS's have bigger anti-sway bar diameters than regular TB's, but the same links and soft bushing material. We feel that this is the equivalent of more HP/torque with the same small Polyglas tires. "Footprinting" is the term we use to use to describe the ability of force to evenly and effectively apply itself through and to its intended destination.

Since our preparation for the Truckin' Magazine THROWDOWN event, TBMSport & Suspension Maxx have collaborated to simply and cost effectively improve the handling performance of the TBSS. Every suspension performance guru, including GM Performance Division, recognizes that the anti-sway bar itself is the main unit that improves handling. However, we share the the philosophy that GM Performance Division did a capable execution on the TBSS's suspension save for the two minor cost cutting issues: Cheap anti-sway bar links and mushy rubber bushings.

We feel that exceptional improvements in cornering and body sway control are achieved by simply removing the 'play' that exists in the excessively compliant attachment points of the bar, rather than making an even larger and heavier bar or resorting to custom shocks/struts/springs.



2006-08! Ready to ship in time for Christmas! Links can be made to custom ride height requirements.

Front and Rear OEM Bar bushings only: $100 shipped (CONUS) (Separately-$55 Front or Rear only)
Front Links & Bushings: $165 shipped (48 CONUS)
Rear Links & Bushings: $175 shipped (48 CONUS)
Combo: $315 Shipped (49 CONUS)

Limited Lifetime Warranty!

**Links can be made to custom ride height requirements.**

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