Having Trouble Figuring Out My Quad Beam Highs and Auto Fogs


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May 22, 2013
OK, I was directed to this particular article/thread by someone on another site (quite possibly what you guys refer to as the OS - not 100% sure what site you're referring to when you say that :wink: ) when I asked about how to have this kind of configuration.
This is the article I was referred to: http://gmtnation.com/f93/how-quad-beams-automatic-fogs-1503/

I am going to paste here specifically what I asked to do, then follow up with some concerns I have:
1. Auto ON (Dark / Ambient Light Sensor) still works.
2. DRL's turn on PARKING LIGHTS and FOGS instead of lows.
3. Lows simply fire the HIDs at 100% when manually or auto ON.
4. Highs keep the Lows on for Quads, but drop off the fogs.

So to recap, I would like that whenever I start the car in the daytime, it turns on the fog lights and parking lights INSTEAD of the 70% low beams.

Then whenever the lights are switched on (whether by manual switch or auto on) it fires the 9006 Low Beams HID.

Turning on the High Beams keeps the HID Lows on giving me quads, but drops off the fogs like it does currently.

In this config- I want to ensure that the parking lights are also on with the fogs. Not only do I personally want parking lights on with the fogs, but I'm pretty certain that my state requires them to be on when the fogs are on. So i'd want the DRL's to turn on the fogs AND parking lights.
I would also like to clarify that I want the fogs to be OFF when the HIGHs are on, as having the highs on with or without the quads would make the fogs ineffective in an actual foggy situation.

Also, I would like to know if I can kill the foglights/parking lights with the factory switch in this situation. For example, lets say I was at a drive-in movie theater and wanted to fire the truck up for 10 minutes to recharge the battery; I obviously would want to be able to run the truck with zero lights as to not be disturbing others.

Auto on at dark would need to work, and I would need the delayed shutoff to work as well, so that I can see from the driveway to my house for the set amount of time in the DIC.

Can I create this setup with ALL of the requirements I listed? If so, am I best off making the mods at the factory headlight harnesses or at the BCM?
If anyone can confirm that ALL of this can be accomplished and provide a "for dummies" version of steps I'd be eternally grateful.

On a side note: the reason I am trying to figure this out is because I want to install HIDs in my lows, and learned about the importance of having a DRL killer so they get fired up with full power; then realized I would still like to have DRLs, just with the fogs and parking lights instead of the lows.

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