GM Online Index PDF for accessing "How To Use" Specialty Tools Training Videos


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If you have ever found the need to use any of the expensive K&M or lesser priced versions of Specialty Tools from OTC and wondered precisely how each one actually gets properly used, General Motors has a Full Online Index of Concise, Specific Training Videos dedicated for this very purpose.

You simply open the PDF online and Search through the Alphabetical Index for either the J-XXXXX or EN-XXXX, etc. flavor of the tool you want to learn how to better use… and the related Training Video showing the live action of what you need to know will Pop Up and the Options Window to either Save or Play each Movie will appear.

For example... visit the Link shown below and try looking up and clicking on this one: EN-47945 and you'll see just how handy these GM Specialty Tool Training Movies can be.

THIS is one link worth Downloading and/or Bookmarking for future reference...and as a matter of fact… using the VideoDownloaderHelper Add-On in Firefox will make it easy to just grab the ones you want to refer to off line and save in your Mechanic’s Video Library. I'm going to grab as many of these as I can before this link disappears:

Follow Up:

I just managed to Download and Burn ALL of these Available Training Movies to a Verbatim 4.7 Gig DVD in less than 30 Minutes. It came to around 1.615 GB of Data for all 256 Movies. I LIKE It! ... Because I would rather have this Information and NOT need it than....Well, You know the rest. :>)
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