GM-GMC Full Size Truck ACDelco Front & Rear Shocks R&R


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Oct 22, 2015
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EDIT: Monday September 28th, 2020...

When I started this Thread back in February of 2020... The Number of Deaths from COVID-19 ...could be counted on One Hand. But as time passed and things became more and more dire; especially for people like me, "Hiding in The House" to avoid the Daily Cluster**ck of Stupid Passers-By NOT Wearing Masks or acting sensibly has caused my self-imposed confinement and obstructed these and many other jobs that must simply wait until things around my environment improve... And NOT "Keep Me in SUSPENSION".

I did not realize that THIS would become my Reality back in February of this year when I started Stockpiling the necessary Gear to do more than just perform the well-described R&Rs of the Front & Rear Shock Absorbers shown on the linked Videos below.

Since then, I've kept my eyes peeled for the Best Price and Availability for obtaining the Upper Control Arms (Via Detroit Axle bought back in 02/2020) first and most recently, the Lower Control Arms (GM-ACDelco just purchased in 09/2020) as COMPLETE Sets to include the New Ball Joints and Bushings in order to sidestep having to fiddle around with the Old & Crusted, Tired & Rusted ...or REALLY Busted ULAs AND LCAs.

Here are a few images of the latest additions (LCAs) and the Link to my "Flickr-Bucket" describing all of the Gear acquired so far:


If the Virus doesn'tget me before I've had a chance to unfasten "The Old Suspension Works" from my 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Truck and Install all of this New Gear for this Project... I really WILL finish this intended work by trying to do it All At One Time.

And so the idea has since expanded beyond just replacing the Front Shock Absorbers on my Full Size Truck with a Better Quality ACDelco OEM Version offered via RockAuto as shown on the Proof of Purchase Order Receipt with the Part Number HERE:


...and will use the Typical Tools and R&R Method on the Front Suspension Positions described in this Video:

Likewise… I’m also replacing the Rear Shock Absorbers with a Better Quality ACDelco OEM Version offered via RockAuto as shown on the Proof of Purchase Order Receipt with the Part Number HERE:


... likewise using the Typical Tools and R&R Method on the Rear Suspension Positions described in this Video:

Pretty soon after these (4) items arrive, this will be the first time that I’ll be using my New QuickJack BL-7000EXT Hydraulic System lift under my nearly 6,000 Pound Silverado, raising it level off of the Concrete Driveway to perform these Shock Absorber R&Rs.

This Method should allows the Rear Suspension to hang down far enough to perform the work and also employ my ACDelco 3.5 Ton Floor Jack to adjust and ease the Fastener fitment positions of each Shock Absorber during their Bolt-Ins.

This video should hold your interest very well during a Demonstration of the QuickJack BL-7000EXT elevating a Heavy Decked Out Ford Raptor Truck...courtesy the efforts of a Very Capable and Lovely Young Woman:


RockAuto Delivered the Rear Shocks 02-14-2020... Have a 'Rain Delay' for their installation in a day or so:


RockAuto Delivered the Front Shocks on 02-15-2020 ... One more day pending B4 they all get installed:

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